Advansys Message Saver Pack

Advansys Message Saver Pack

On-demand export of GroupWise messages to portable XML files
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The Advansys Formativ Message Saver Pack is a personal solution for saving messages from the GroupWise client to portable files which can be viewed offline using the free Advansys Message Viewer – without needing to have GroupWise installed.

Store the self-contained Advansys Portable Message files, including attachments and faithful text/HTML view, on CD, DVD, in network folders, databases, CRM systems, GroupWise DMS or external document management systems.

The Message Saver Pack 2.0 includes Advansys Message Saver, the free Advansys Message Viewer and the Formativ Framework for .NET 1.0.

Message Saver requires a copy of Formativ Runtime, Creator or Studio. Message Viewer is a free Windows application for viewing Advansys Portable Message (FML) files on any standard media, including your hard disk, CD-ROM or DVD.

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